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Fractional property investment comes to Adelaide

Buying pieces of property, as opposed to buying entire homes, is fast gaining traction among younger Aussies who’re seeking innovative ways of entering Australia’s increasingly pricey housing markets. Last week, BrickX, the Sydney-based fractional investment company, launched its first property in Adelaide. This is the company’s first venture outside Sydney and Melbourne, and is part […]

Many elderly parents are being forced to downsize prematurely

As a result of dwindling housing affordability in many parts of Australia, many parents and grandparents are being coerced into downsizing prematurely by children and grandchildren eager to enter the housing market, numerous sources claim. “We’re seeing this kind of inter-generational financial abuse really growing,” said Meagan Lawson, CEO of the Council on the Ageing […]

Surging house prices threaten liveability in Melbourne

While Melburnians take great pride in their city’s “Most Liveable City in the World” title, a variety of factors are threatening the city’s pre-eminence, according to property and planning experts. Expensive housing, sprawling outer suburbs lacking proper infrastructure, jammed freeways, and packed trains are gradually threatening the Victorian capital’s once-enviable way of life. While the […]

More Aussies would benefit from regional hubs linked to cities

The federal government has wasted decades, millions of dollars, and countless man-hours trying to replace air travel between Sydney and Melbourne with trains when its main goal should be connecting Australia’s most populous cities with regional hubs, argues Chris Kohler, national business editor for the Domain Group. “The Melbourne and Sydney housing affordability story has […]

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