Charity: real, not self-promotion

Every December in the United States, there are a lot of anonymous charity events in which distributed money, food, clothes, jewelry and other gifts. Good Samaritans, often referred to as philanthropists, follow two basic principles, contrary to the official charitable organisations: they never tell their real name and never expecting nothing in return.
This year public attention was riveted by a good Samaritan from new York, who was left in bars and restaurants a gratuity of one to ten thousand dollars. On your receipt it was stamped with the phrase @tipsforjesus. The number of fans of the philanthropist in the social network Instagram has exceeded 52 thousand people, and the total number of happy waiters gradually approaching fifty.
However, last week the name of the generous customer’s taste still became known to the press. A waiter from a restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea, received a $1,000 tip due to $111.05, found in the philanthropist Jack Selby, the former Vice-President of the company via a secure electronic PayPal payments.
The result of good deeds Selbi was the best advertisement for PayPal, financial giant American Express and a number of new York restaurants.
For example, one bar owner in Manhattan has confessed to journalists that the press never before have so many wrote about his school.
«Once this guy gave my waiter a few thousand dollars, a bar turned into a real city landmark, he said. – The waiters even better serve customers. They hope that the generous guest visit us again.»
In my opinion, the action @tipsforjesus truly brilliant. She not only helped the hard working waiters, but also made tens of thousands of people are nice.
Other philanthropic stock, it should be noted an anonymous donation to the University of Cincinnati (Ohio). Unknown good man has transferred $3.02 million to a scholarship Fund (scholarship fund), from which the money is to periodically get the most talented students.
«At first, we thought that an error occurred during e-payment, — tells the employee of the University. – However, the Bank confirmed the transfer. We would like to thank this good Samaritan, but he is doing everything possible to stay in the shadows. This is a man with a big heart.»
Now the whole University is wondering who might transfer such a large amount in the scholarship Fund.
«I think that a philanthropist is someone from former graduates, says freshman Stanley. – Our diplomas are valued. Perhaps someone decided to thank the Alma mater in such an original way».
Record donation quickly raised the reputation of University of Cincinnati. Admissions officers noted that the number of phone calls and emails with questions about enrollment dramatically surged.
«People without end talking about anonymous good man, says an employee of the University of Susan. – All smiling, joking. This man we all cheer».
In the town of Sioux falls (South Dakota) unknown gave $500,000 to the kindergarten, where he was educated and trained about 100 children from poor and disadvantaged families.
«It’s hard to find words to Express the gratitude of the mysterious philanthropist — said a local resident of Marion, whose grandchildren attend the kindergarten. – As you know, good thoughts transformirovalsya into reality. So I constantly think about the person who invest money in our children’s future».
Anonymous philanthropists come even in those cases when people are in mourning and don’t think about the Christmas holidays.
So, in Minneapolis (Minnesota) in a car accident killed 21-year-old brandy banks-Sutta. The family was unable to raise money for the funeral, and on the Bank account of the deceased were only $64. It got to the point that the volunteers began to raise money for the scene.
However, the unknown person has corrected the situation, making money transfer a few thousand dollars.
«Brandi has always helped those in need, says the mother of the deceased. In life always so: all the perfect person for him comes back».
The main enemy of the mysterious philanthropists, in my opinion, are non-profit organizations officially involved in charity work.
According to the report of Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Prosperity, published last week, official world donations exceeded $577 billion. It is approximately two times more than a decade ago. A considerable portion of this amount settled in the United States.
However, according to reports of the Federal Prosecutor’s office, only 15% of ordinary people donated money reaches the needy – the homeless, the sick, the poor. The remaining 85% ends up in the pockets of philanthropists, intermediaries and deducted for administrative costs, salaries, events and rent expensive premises.
Here is a simple example the inefficiency of “official” charity.
The damage from the recent hurricane in the Philippines amounted to $5.8 billion. For a month the inhabitants of Europe, Latin America and the United States has donated about the same amount of the Filipinos. That is, theoretically, each person can recover the housing. However, needing to reach at best a half-million dollars. Everything else will remain the «philanthropists» who enthusiastically promote yourself and your organization.
«People donate for a new home, and in the best case, the victim receives a bottle of drinking water, says John Barney, a staunch opponent of the mediation charity from California. – If all nonprofit organizations were banned, need finally got what you really need».
Barney is absolutely right. In proof of his words can lead to a case that happened in Florida.
One of the locals asked their friends in a social network to help the homeless and severely sick tramp. A few days had collected several thousand dollars. The money the participants took the homeless little Studio paid for it 12 months in advance, before the failure sounded the hobo pantry food. «Now this guy can last the whole year», — said the organizer of the action.
Then something happened that always happens. Non-profit organization started throwing philanthropists of letters on cooperation. The texts are not distinguished by originality.
«For several decades, we help homeless families, wrote of the organization. We have saved thousands of families with young children. Currently we are preparing a project…»
That’s why the most generous and kind philanthropists always act anonymously, in his heart. I am more than confident that the above Selbi frustrated by the removal of the secrecy of shares @tipsforjesus. In contrast to the official philanthropists, who want the media trumpeted their good deeds, he didn’t do his charity business. He was honest with himself and others.
Americans don’t even notice what a strong psychological pressure on them a charitable organization. According to surveys, most people believe donations the highest virtue and moral duty. This stereotype in the 60-ies of the last century tried to disprove the actual now, the writer Ayn Rand. She was sure that charity, by and large, is one big fraud, in which some people profit at the expense of other people, and need stay away.
Sincere philanthropists don’t shout about their good deeds and act anonymously.

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