Disaster protection

We all know that nothing quite losses due to natural disasters, fire and theft eliminate soaps. However, there are three equally important pieces to prevent the puzzle of security that you can do now that will help to protect a better result after the fact, and to heal.


A fire or natural disasters can completely destroy your house in a few minutes. Hurricanes and tornadoes completely smooth the foundation of the house. There are a variety of statistics, but I found that, on average, lost house fire over $ 30,000. Can achieve theft losses such as jewelry, money and electronics easily thousands of dollars.

Check to make sure your insurance policy with your agent that you are adequately protected against financial loss. Ask what products limits policy replace require (eg, jewelry, weapons, collectibles, art, etc.), the motorist coverage or an umbrella.


An alarm system quickly detects flame and smoke. Although it does not prevent fire alarms as possible to minimize loss of the fire so quickly – especially important when no one is home!

An alarm system is also a protection against theft. Professional thieves know how long you have to get in and out of a building before the police arrived. To know that your time is limited, the number of elements that will extricate your home or business reduced. In addition, alarm systems deter thieves of opportunity and encourage them by your property and looking for a simpler target (a house without an alarm) to stop.


Once you have a loss, you have a right to file insurance. The process can be lengthy, since your insurance is a detailed list of each item that was damaged or destroyed required. They just do not send a check – they have a list of what was damaged, destroyed or stolen must. There is no other way to know the total amount of funds that you need in order to replace your belongings.

Many are struggling to remember, when experienced, especially in the emotional turmoil with only a disaster. This often results in a financial loss. To ensure that you can remember and prove their property, create a home inventory. Referring to achieve in this list and the photo album will help you complete control only your insurance company.

In addition, if collectibles and jewelry stolen photos, the police can check with pawn shops for you to retrieve these elements such sentimental value. Of course, you prefer to have the items back.

The trifecta

Adequate insurance coverage helps where you return before your loss, minor financial loss. A security system is of advantage to to reduce the loss from theft and fire potential and / or deter thieves. An inventory prepared before the disaster will help you get a fair settlement to achieve demand. Minimize your losses – steps now to prepare to prevent and cure illnesses.

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