Give money for treatment from greed. Insurance — calm in installments!

Nobody likes to part with money. «What am I paying for?» — the owner of the insurance policy asks, recalling ten years of accident-free driving. But the day comes, and his miracle of technology turns into a heap of scrap metal — it happens. In order not to cry over the wreckage, you need to insure the car.

The principle of insurance is simple — you need to regularly, but not too burdensome to spend, so that, in which case, the insured is spent. But I still feel sorry for the money. To the pain of parting with money when buying an insurance policy was not too acute, you need to reduce the cost of insurance policy. For this you need to follow simple rules.First of all, when buying an insurance policy, you need to choose an insurance company. Make it simple. It is believed that the insurance business is not too profitable. This, however, is an old song about the main thing in the performance of insurers: if business were not profitable, they would not be engaged. At the same time, the company begins to receive tangible profits only a few years after the commencement of work. Consequently — the longer the insurer works in the market, the less likely the problem will arise when receiving insurance payments.

Strangely enough, in insurance companies live people work, and each of them has certain official duties. That is, the conclusion of insurance contracts and the consideration of damages involved different employees in different departments. Detailed recommendations are difficult, but the head of the loss department determines the policy of payments for insurance. Therefore, we need to try to find out how the pay department operated in this or that case. «Generous» department, in the event of an insured event, is likely to pay relatively more.

Choosing a company, you can buy a policy. Do not insure the agent. The fact is that the agent receives a commission from each sold policy. The variation in the size of the agency commission is quite wide — from 10 to 35% from each policy sold. Concluding the insurance contract in the car dealership, the car owner deals specifically with the agent.

The agency commission is included in the contract price, and you pay it. But for what? If you sign a contract at the office of the company with the condition of reducing the final cost of the tariff for the amount of the agency commission, you can save quite a considerable amount. If you are refused a reduction in the cost of the tariff — call your superior. If he refuses and he — go to another company.

Auto Insurance

 The contract specifies specific insurance risks — hijacking, damage or accidents. The most expensive risk is hijacking. If you do not have «Mitsubishi», «Toyota Corolla» or «Honda» — cars of these brands are stolen more often — it is worth considering whether it is worth insuring against theft. The cost of insurance reduces such factors as the presence of satellite signaling, the presence of the owner of a place in the guarded parking lot — but in this case, special savings will not work. The reduction in the cost of the policy by several percent does not in any way cover the cost of renting a place on a good guarded parking lot.

The question is whether to buy a policy with a franchise. The deductible is the way the insured participates in the settlement of the loss, that is, part of the funds, in the event of an insured event, the car owner pays, and the part is paid by the insurer. The franchise reduces the cost of CASCO by several percent. But if the damage caused is below a certain stipulated, the insurer will not pay it. In general, the franchise can be recommended to experienced drivers, but, after all, buying a policy with a franchise is the case when the miser pays twice. And three times. And so until he buys a new policy.Money is not superfluous. Not that the savings on buying an insurance policy will give the owner gold, but the ruble is saved — the ruble earned. A trifle, but nice.

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