Between them you can note: the presence in the franchise agreement; Format of the sum insured; Matter, of a house built; Selected risks; A court in the home of means of protection. In the fire safety targets, the distance from the lair of the nearest nearest water reservoir, fire station, inhabited point is taken into account. Pay attention to objects of multiplied risk in the house; Stoves, fireplaces. And close to home; Warehouses, saunas. And everything to lend affects the size of the tariff for insurance. I live risks that somehow depend on the age of the age. In the winter period, sometimes cottages and cottages are empty, thefts are most frequent, floods or floods can increase in the spring, and in the summer the most dangerous thing is a fire, otherwise there is a natural disaster. Statistics of risks of suburban real estate seems to be such a figure: for fires — 21%., For unlawful actions of third parties — 29%, on the lips of plots — 50% through all insured events. Insurance at the construction stage When the property to be at the stage of construction, insurers offer different rates for the type of insurance provided. Some insurers think how much the house at rest is subject to a greater number of risks and therefore the price is worth climbing. And representatives of other insurance companies reduce the tariff, because they think that the intentional house is more precious than the one being built.

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