The property of citizens and its insurance.

In the case of insurance of personal property by individuals their objects of insurance have the right to be residential buildings, commercial buildings, apartments, landscape design. Besides, the insured may be structurally complex elements of houses, flats, their finish, or all at the same time. Also, to insure rightly and structures in the suburban area: gazebo, garage , house, outbuilding or sauna. To own insurance risks, they also include a variety of accidents on water supply networks, Sewerage, heating, fires, explosions, and illegal actions of unauthorized persons, and terrorist acts, and diverse natural disasters. Sum insured is determined on the basis of real property value at the time of signing the insurance contract. In this case, you need to assess your own property. The cost of insurance policy may vary depending on the company’s insurer. So, when calculating the cost of insurance calculation is the sum insured, the insurance company, as well as benefits and discounts provided by this company. However, subject to the occurrence of insured events, the amount to be paid was determined based on the actual damage.

When determining the sum insured required for the recovery of real property, go in the calculation of expenses spent on the purchase of building materials, repair, and other costs to help you restore Your property to have that property until the occurrence of the insured event.

But as a rule, our citizens rarely insure their own property and giving preference to vehicle insurance. This is because we believe that the car can be more damaged than owned by us real estate.

Currently the most popular in the domestic market is car insuranceCurrently the most popular in the domestic market is car insurance. It is clear that to drive a car which is insured is much quieter, with the current situation on our roads and with the constant increase in criminal activity. As for damage may caused to our own property here far ahead of their own carelessness and lack of desire to spend additional funds on insurance. We can only hope that in terms of improving the economic situation in the country and the rising living standards of Russian citizens and insurance services non-commercial real estate in Russia will soon become the more popular.

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