As to wood export in this area Russian pravitelst in has tried to change a situation: in 2007 it has made the decision on prohibitive duties for export of raw wood. It was planned that they will be gradually entered: ?10 for cubic metre since July, 1st, 2007, ?15 – since April, 1st of 2008, ?30 – since January of 2009 and, at last, ?50 – since January, 2011. On a plan of developers of the plan it should reduce export of raw wood and in addition motivate processing of wood in the country. However both in 2008, and in 2009 the Russian government special decisions has postponed introduction of prohibitive duties without day.

Innovation main blow should put on export of wood to the Peoples Republic of China as it makes 60 % of all export of wood from the Russian Federation. However the effect has turned out opposite: lesopromyshlenniki, aspiring to reduce to a minimum of loss from the promised high duties, have sharply increased preparation of wood and its export to China. About any development of the woodworking industry speech also did not go, bol it that new duties did not stimulate with that wood preprocessing, at export of such material payments have appeared similar. In general, licences for cutting down stood out forest areas which had quite good money for forestry development. But the resolved volumes of preparation practically always were exceeded, on what local authorities, as a rule, winked.

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In the future, the upcoming 2017 New Year’s congratulations to the moneylenders and speculators from coming in January Jubilee – 666 years ago, in January 1345 leading banking house in Europe has declared bankruptcy, due to the collapse of the GKO pyramid of the English King Edward III, then in Europe, started a “dark era

The rebuilding plan of Huge theatre executed during current time, becomes changed, the governor of Capital Yury Luzhkov to correspondents on Saturday has made the statement, scribbles “Interfax”. “I will inform the president that variant (plan) which replaces a configuration of a forward share of premises”, – have made J.Luzhkov’s statement. He has explained, as

With 1996 on 2007 my career the basic field of activity in which I worked last 15 years developed in MIAN, thus, there was a real estate. Besides, as the collector of the modern art and the person who is fond of history of a photo, in MIANe I supervised a number of charitable programs. After

In the beginning Peter I has sent joiners to study in furniture craft to Holland and England. However definitively Russian school was generated at the time of Catherine II board. Various geometrical figures, vegetative and flower patterns, bible motives, landscapes, genre sketches become the most widespread plots of a decor. For giving to works bolshej picturesquenesses,

It has appeared, inhabitants of St.-Petersburg too want to see a city opened and comfortable for life. And in my opinion, general impression about a city develops not so much of individual sign projects, how many from comfort of stay and life in it. It is necessary So to work with «painful points» Petersburg .

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