Great Crash great depressio

The great Depression in America, the origins of economic superiority.

With some surprise noted by a huge amount not like stupid people (many already under fifty dollars) confident in the fact that in America to live well because there are the right people who work hard. And in Russia, live in the wrong Russians, who can not work, do not know, do not want, and maybe — just stupid. No matter what the reason, they say, but the facts do not argue: America is really good. And in Russia — really bad.

What is life in America really better than in Russia — this one will not disappoint. Yes, in America in better times. And each time gets even better, because with this economic scale as it is now, America is koumoulirovati all the cream from all continents of the planet. All the best seeking to settle in the United States. Sometimes, however, it still can find «experts» issued a revealing passages about how there is actually «bad». But such instances occur very rarely. Many went, know yourself.

Hmm. I want to tell, not that America is good, and we have bad. And how it happened. If someone does not know (and many don’t know).

Turned out, by the way, it’s simple. We will not even bring up the subject of colonization and slavery. Even easier. Many people don’t think, but America in its history, was not involved in any serious military conflict (by Russian standards). The maximum loss the Americans suffered during the civil war the North and South up to 1 million people. Slightly smaller 500 thousand during the Second world war. America lost in all its wars, including the internal, from the day of its Foundation (235 years ago) not more than 3 million people.

Let me remind you: only Russia in the Second world war lost 20 million citizens. And mostly men of working age. For me personally at all remains a mystery is the fact that after such unprecedented losses of Russia in the USSR could become a superpower and steadily to occupy the second position in the world after the United States, frankly fattening on the war. Yeah, won the Second world not the Soviet Union and the United States. All, as they say. Because they not only participated in, but also profited from it. I don’t have to talk about good allies lost 500,000 people in far away for them to Europe. I’m surprised to hear such from people 40 years of age. They lost these 500 000 people in the explicit calculation: in order to grab a piece of the pie, and not to allow the USSR to unilaterally dispose of his victory. Although, with the help victory these soldiers, of course, glory and honor.

But talk today is not about the Second world war, and about the First. And not about the great American happiness and the great American disappointment. After all, in American history had their black stripes: for example, the American Great Depression of 1929. So how it happened:

Economists agree that the Great Depression was foretold by the collapse on wall Street in October 1929. However, some believe that the origins of the great Depression must be sought not in economic turmoil, and the consequences of the investment boom and excessive development of the agricultural sector during the First world war and its ending. The growth of investments in industrialization and in real estate that began in the late 1920-ies, reached US climax in 1927. It is obvious that the trigger for this development was the end of the war in a dilapidated Europe. As a result, by 1929, a situation of acute overproduction of goods for which demand is gradually decreased as the recovery of European industry. This led to the fact that by 1932, in the United States remained unemployed 12 million. But this is only one part of the process.

A similar development was the agricultural industry: global growth began during the war, thanks to increased demand for food exports. By the end of the war, in 1920-ies in the sprawling as a tumour agriculture has tended to the production of huge amount of surplus, as exports to other countries decreased. All this has led to a sharp decline in domestic food prices. As soon as prices fell, farmers tried to stabilize profit by producing even more products, due to the increase in sales. As a result, the growth of overproduction remained until 1929, when products became so numerous that their was simply no one to buy. Millions of farmers were left without work.

Is it clear now why in America Great Depression happened? The great Depression happened in America from that industry and agriculture are richly irrigated with blood of the First world war in distant Europe, has grown with the speed of a malignant tumor. When the blood flow in the tumor tissue decreased — there was a massive foci of necrosis. Little did not potassically. Must be a complete idiot, for example, to compare the economic default of 1998 in Russia, caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the great American Depression, allegedly marked «same» the first difficulties of the «construction of capitalism» (there are those who compare).

Those for whom this «news» was not news — respect. The rest — learn materiel.

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