Political and religious views

Start a conversation with, say that God told me to talk to him and find out areas of common interest.

Analysis of what is happening in the World of change shows too much likelihood that in the coming years may come «plague» which will sweep from the Land all those who today recognizes the existence of a loving God. In its consequences it will be that the red terror, which made the Bolsheviks seem childish pranks. And the only thing not to give to come of this «infection», so if you have time to «immunize» it from enough people.

As far as his faith is exclusive or takes other religions?

Familiar with what is written in the book about water. Interested in the attitude of Japanese scientists comment on the photos of the water reservoir before and after prayers. Interested in feedback on how this is not Orthodox monk manages to clear the water. Interested in opinion on whether God is one or at everyone? Present the findings of the scientist about the two types of XADO and the fact that there is only God and antibog. What is the opinion on this question?

Clarifies the question of what is the meaning of the word «Love»?

-Clarifies the question of what team they play?

-How do you assess today’s situation?

In what direction predict changes in the near future and in 5-10 years?

There are familiar with the facts of the Russian people?You know about the Russian cross? Acquainted with the opinion of the Patriarch.

-What do you know about globalization?

-You know that the changes occurring in the World, run by those who play the Dark side?

-You know that they created their religion, and they worship him who opposes God?

-Do they know that as soon as these people come to power over humanity, is planning to do away with religions who worship God, those methods used by Polpot in Cambodia?

-Are they aware that you’ve gained these men such power just because they use the principle of «Divide and conquer»?

If they know that if you continue, each of us will continue to do the same thing that does today, then very soon we all will find ourselves among those whom the new rulers of the World plan to physically destroy? And they believe that on the planet today extra five billion consumers.

Whether they are satisfied with such a prospect? If not, then you need to do something, which today nobody does. It’s time to unite all forces that are on the Light side of the Universe, otherwise we alone just destroyed. And to unite not against them, and strengthening their ranks.

After this conversation to give them time to communicate with their Gods, to make any decision.

The main thing – if we do not strengthen your ranks, then we physically destroy. And it’s not the will of God, and because of our sloppiness.

And ways of strengthening their ranks only two. You can attract new people under the banner of God, what they do, and you can improve the quality of these people using additional training on how to unleash creativity and to change their habits. To help to gain experience to improve their lives that we do.

Tell the essence of what we offer. Comment on all topics from the point of view of usefulness to all. On «Life» saying that she intended to explain to any person far from God about the fact that there is a Spiritual World. And in this form because it will be an addition to their efforts to find the people who decided to learn about God.

If your people will be more trained in business communication with people and be able to earn more money, then You will find it useful.

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