Villa on the Cote d’azur — good buy

For several years the real estate in France attracts buyers from many countries, and citizens of Russia are no exception. France is a beautiful highly developed country, located in the heart of Europe and distinguished by a rich culture, a mild climate and a developed infrastructure network. And no wonder the purchase of apartments, houses and villas here in popularity in the top ten among Russian buyers. Special demand and popularity of housing, located on the French Riviera. Indeed, a private Villa on the French Riviera — the ultimate dream of modern intelligent person aspiring to luxury.

Cote d’azur, or as it is called, the French Riviera is unique in its climatic features of the area of France. Mild subtropical climate, 300 Sunny days a year, clear blue water of the Mediterranean sea and magnificent beaches, lush vegetation and clean environment make this place attractive for all who want to relax, enjoy the peace and comfort. And in combination with world-class infrastructure, abundance of cafés and restaurants with great cuisine, luxury shops and boutiques for every taste, all these advantages confirmed the acquisition of real estate in this Paradise will be truly beneficial. It is not for nothing many world famous celebrities are owners of villas on the French Riviera, where they can spend the summer away from the city.

A profitable investment for any person Villa in France situated on the Mediterranean coast. Demand for real estate of the côte d’azur always exceeds supply, and prices are slowly but surely growing every year, so this acquisition for investors is always attractive and alluring. A private Villa or house will be a base residence for the rest of its owner during the summer or winter season vacations.

Here you can always come to truly relax in luxury and comfort, enjoy the fun of numerous holidays and festivals, such as Cannes film festival, the festival of lemons in Menton, or even the carnival in nice in February. And during his absence the property on the coast you can always rent and regularly benefit from it. Moreover, there are many local companies who are able to take on all of bastilla and trouble finding tenants, and will later look after order in the house.

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