Where better to live — in Russia or in America

You know, on this site I often throw links to different sites that say about how bad living in the US. Ask — the truth is (or) or not?

Often on those sites are people who for one reason or another left America. And now, to make excuses, start to irrigate with dirt.

Moreover, not shy in the media. Can write the truth. For example, for Parking near a fire hydrant You sderut big fine. And what is bad, by the way?

And you can just drive snowstorm that, for example, blacks in the US are oppressed. Do not allow them to work and live in normal conditions, not allowed into decent restaurants and that kind of crap.

I understand the average person, if he has never been to America, has no idea what’s happening here. Tell him for example, in Chicago there is not one Lithuanian and he believes. Until then, until you come here and make sure that the Lithuanians here in the greater Chicago about a million.

In fact, even those who have been in the US a couple of weeks on the tour or at the Symposium, is also unlikely to be imbued with the «spirit of America». And on questioning the home will meet the inconsistent and incoherent.

I opened this website, so slowly, podrobnenko to tell you about the America that I saw myself. Not on TV, but with my own eyes. Yes, and came, and touched.

I write this article in order to in one fell swoop, without explaining it, attest to the fact that in America, life is many times better than in Russia. And I have it on very simple proof.

If You are a fisherman, it will be easier to explain. Tell me where to catch fish in shallow water, near shore or in the depths? — Of course, deep down, isn’t it?

Why is it so? — Yes, because the fish is looking for where it is deeper… Remember the ending of this proverb? — Right! … And people looking for somewhere better.

Now, if You live in Moscow or came to Moscow, go to the American Embassy and see what there is a queue. It’s the people who seek to get to America. Someone just to fly, and someone to stay.

I assure You that in the Russian Embassy there is no such queue of Americans wanting to go to Russia. Well, do not rush the Americans in Russia. It is even possible that the present generation is not really even knows where this country is Russia.

Yes, that’s all the proof, strictly speaking. And if there will come a time when queues at these embassies will be equal, then we can start talking about where, after all, better to live in the USA or in Russia.

But now such talk is simply lose their meaning. It is that people from Russia are eager to go live in the United States. But in any case, not Vice versa. Because to live in America better than in Russia. What we wanted to prove.

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