The mortgage loan on new buildings is offered by units of the credit organizations and thus are strongly reinsured

The mortgage loan on new buildings is offered by units of the credit organizations and thus are strongly reinsured

As a rule, as maintenance under the credit already available real estate acts. At the expense of it the circle of potential buyers is considerably narrowed.

In a situation when the prices for ready apartments grow, on credit to buy apartment even more difficultly: while will pass mortgage registration, the price for apartment can grow or already to buy real estate who has cash.

There are some arguments for purchase of under construction habitation:

· In under construction habitation lower cost of square meter at a building stage in comparison with ready habitation.

· If to put up money in apartment at an initial stage, after end of building the borrower on hands will have more expensive object, that is it is possible to get investment profit (the price of the new constructed apartment increases, a difference in the price — the investment award to the borrower).

· to Live in the new house with modern lay-out is more comfortable, than in houses of old construction.

· Buying apartment in a new building, it is possible not to wait for surprises from the former owners. Plays a role absence of history of apartment, and, hence, absence of the legal encumbrances connected with possible unconscientiousness of the previous owner of apartment which can entail real estate loss.

It is obvious that the most favourable variant — to buy the future square meters when instead of the house there is only a foundation ditch. However not each bank is ready to issue the credit at this stage.

Crediting of under construction habitation traditionally is considered the risky program. At an investment stage banks can’t protect such credits, moreover, before the termination of building at bank in pledge is only right apartment requirements. The apartment is made out as object of real estate only after end of building and the state registration. If the house isn’t constructed, and the borrower has ceased to return for any reason the credit or the builder has gone bankrupt, the bank can’t quickly and realize lost-free the requirement right to the builder. In this connection crediting rates at a building stage on 1,5—2 % surpass rates in mortgage lending on purchase of ready habitation — excess should compensate risk of the creditor. As soon as the borrower makes out apartment in the property, the rate decreases and equated to credit conditions of purchase of ready habitation.

· its status and reputation,

· legal forms of work under contracts,

· realized projects,

· it is desirable, that the object has been finished not less than on 50 %,

· the experience of work of the builder should make not less than three years,

· the quantity of projects successfully realized by the builder should be not less than five,

· presence of a full package of the allowing documentation and the transparent scheme of sales thus is necessary.

Banks very seldom consider possibility of delivery of the credit under object of not accredited builder because it is connected with the big time expenses of employees of bank for understanding of a situation on concrete object and studying of possibility of delivery of the credit.

Accreditation process will occupy not less month, and for this purpose the borrower needs to request of the builder allowing documents on the earth, on building of object and own documents of the company-builder. If the accreditation initiative proceeds from intermediaries, the success is more probable. As a rule, as initiators of accreditation builders or the realtor companies selling them objects act.

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