Variant – purchase of an under construction or ready cottage in the.

Today the majority of the builders erecting cottage settlements, the financing organizations have among business partners some. Thus, the mortgage on trust turns out as though. The creditor understands that, giving out money for object not existing yet, he risks. But, as in certain degree trusts the builder (after carrying out of the careful analysis of its activity), it is ready to be reconciled with such state of affairs.

If the borrower buys the house not under the corporate program «builder-bank», it should spend many forces and time for selection of the credit program with suitable conditions (level of interest rates, the size of an initial payment, attraction possibility sozaemshchikov and preschedule repayment of the credit and etc.). Then it is necessary to find still object of real estate which will suit bank.

In other words, the credit organization spends not only anderrajting (a solvency estimation) the borrower, but also anderrajting object (that is check of liquidity of the house or a site).

Banks show to country real estate as to object of pledge a number of requirements:

· Construction should be a separate building, suitable for residing (an apartment house, the garden house, a summer residence, a cottage and etc.).

· too old houses (at each bank the restrictions on a year of construction) aren’t accepted as a deposit.

· the Object of crediting should have a separate input, an entrance, communications,

· the Object should be in settlement in which territory there are other individual houses, suitable for residing, – in cottage settlement, village, gardening association, country cooperative society and so forth

· the Dwelling should be free from encumbrances by the rights of the third parties, subjects of the state registration.

· the Earth on which there is a dwelling should be issued in the property and have resolved use (special-purpose designation) for gardening, housing or country building. With rare exception the bank can accept a variant when the ground area on which there is a house, is used as rent.

To simplify procedure of search of the suitable credit program and the object of real estate, it is possible to address to the mortgage broker. He/she is the expert who well is guided in the market of housing crediting and will pick up the mortgage product most favourable to the borrower. Probably even that spent for services of the broker money «will beat off» at the expense of saved on the optimum program percent. By the way, recently in the market have appeared also ground brokers. In their problem enter consultation of the client on the most favourable investment of money into the ground areas and the help in the organization of uneasy transactions with allotments.

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