Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation, Federal, private student loan consolidation

Education Refinance for college students, parents, graduate students and those who have already graduated or left school is called Student Loan Consolidation. Consolidate your college student loans debt today and lower your monthly payments as much as 60% and lock into a new low fixed apr.

NEW: Student Loan Headquarters — Consolidate student loans to as low as 4.5%. Fill out one secure, no obligation form and have the lenders compete for you. No credit check. Free service.

Student Loan Consolidation Online is designed to make the student loan debt consolidation process easy and secure by providing students with the information and resources needed to make an educated decision about applying for a federal student consolidation loan, refinancingor consolidating private student loans.

Whether you have federal loans direct or private student loans for college, you may qualify with the companies participating in this free website! Federal student loan consolidation for is available for college graduates, law and medical students, alumni and those no longer in school..

How does a student consolidation loan work?
When your student consolidation loan is issued, all of the outstanding balances of the loans you are consolidating are paid off. As a result, you will have only one FIXED RATE student loan to make payments on.

What types of College loans may I consolidate into a Federal student consolidation loan?
The outstanding federal loan types that are eligible for consolidation include: Stafford, PLUS, Perkins, Health Professions Student Loans, Loans for Disadvantaged Students, and Nursing student loans. Additional loans qualify. See contact telephone numbers from our lender list.

Lock in the lowest student loan rate in history with the lenders listed below: Student Loan Repayment Consolidation program details: Under the provisions of the Higher Education Act borrowers may be eligible to lock in the lowest rates in the history of the Federal Consolidation Loan Program.

  • Lock in low federal interest rates
  • Lower payments by as much as 60% or more
  • No application fees or charges
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Tax-deductible interest for many borrowers
  • No credit checks or co-signers required
  • One page application, NO credit check with Federal consolidation.
  • No Obligation

Student Loan Headquarters — Consolidate private and federal student loans to as low as 4.5%. Fill out one secure, no obligation form and have the lenders compete for you. No credit check. Free service.

COLLEGIATE SOLUTIONS specializes in Graduate, Private, Law and Medical Student Loan Consolidation and features excellent customer service and some of the lowest interest rates. You can click here or speak directly with a loan counselor by calling:1-877-490-6639

STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATOR — Refinance your federal student loans into one loan, cut your monthly payment in half and lock in a lower interest rate. No obligation and no credit check.

Common question: Are there Student Loan Consolidation Companies that can consolidate loans from the major loan issuers?

Answer: YES. There are several multi-billion dollar student loan consolidation companies that only service college student consolidation. We’ve found customer service (as well as low interest rates) to be extremely helpful and polite with the top student loan consolidation companies we have listed.

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